SOS Show

“You don’t have to be wealthy to eat healthy.”

This episode needs your help! Support our cause so we can add a cooking scene where I teach the Moores how to create budget friendly recipes from scratch to replace their store-bought, expensive, unhealthy items.

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SOS: Surviving on Stamps is not only a reference blog of recipes and menus, it is a reality show featuring families on food stamps struggling to eat healthy. Chef Sarah Bogan visits each family and helps them turn their life around with a healthy, budget-friendly diet. Watch the pilot episode (part I) featured below about the Moore family combatting obesity and unemployment. Subscribe to the blog to be notified about future episodes made using your generous donations. The goal is to turn this into a series on a t.v. network, Hulu, or Netflix, so help spread the word! As always, happy $tamping.

Chef Sarah Bogan, founder of SOS and Whisking Apprentice

9 thoughts on “SOS Show

    • Me too! We didn’t have enough time to film it for this episode, but if I raise more money or get sponsorship, I want to do a Part II with the Moore family.

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