Day 24: College Knowledge


Breakfast (5 min): 2 egg omelette with kale, baby bella mushrooms, and onions

Lunch (6 min): chicken salad with avocado, tomato, and spinach in pita 

Dinner (10 min): asian pork stir-fry with mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, and onions

The college where I received my accounting degree did a write-up in their paper about my project. The online version plus comments is here, and the paper version is here. Although it was not intended to be humorous, I laughed so hard when I spotted a typo in the paper version. Printed at the bottom of the paper version is a pictorial breakdown of one day’s menu. As readers know, every morning I start with eggs and usually a leafy item. Often I will sautee the leafy tops of beets, which somehow got transmitted to the paper as “wilted beef tips.” Working on my highschool’s yearbook team, I understand how difficult it is to catch all typos. I am not trying to diss them, the error struck me as funny because it was so unexpected. I think it also does a good job highlighting how out of touch we are with food – especially while we are growing up, attending college, or are college-age.

I realized while reading a comment below the article’s web version that I did not make it clear to the interviewer that I am not living solely on EBT, rather the budget of someone who uses EBT. Why does this make a difference? Well, the latter accounts for extra money spent out-of-pocket, meaning there are no restrictions placed on those purchases. I can buy farmers market produce with that money, but not with EBT. Therefore, the article’s pie chart showing $12.88 of “whatever she wants” food makes it look like I am purposely cutting corners — oops. I guess even with my bolding people are not inclined to read the explanation of my project under the Setup tab. “Ohhh, so that’s why she randomly bolds…” I fixed it so it is clearer.


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  1. I did hear an NPR episode last summer where they anchors were talking about how more cities are trying to make farmer’s markets EBT accessible. So, who knows, it may not be far off!

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